Community Based Services is dedicated to assisting at risk youths and their families in

developing an environment that will contribute to making positive life choices as they

navigate and advance through adolescences. By promoting cultural affirmation, social

awareness, community building and collaboration the youth obtains the knowledge,

tools, and confidence to achieve their fullest potential.


As a first step in changing the environment that at risk juveniles live we try to affirm

that by operating within established boundaries positive results can be achieved. By

demonstrating that someone is willing to monitor their failures as well as successes we

can provide a realization that there can be rewards for operating within the standards of

the community. Community Based Services is willing and able to provide the 24 hour

support that is needed as at risk youths start their transition.

Family Support

It can be necessary to assist the family unit in modifying or changing the dynamics

in the household to enhance the possibility of success. By assisting the family in

understanding the life skill tools needed to create the modification of environment

Community Based Services can and does contribute to the possibility of success as

they strive to achieve their goals.


To further cement the change that the youth is achieving Community Based Services

provides the guidance and advice needed to achieve both short and long term goals.

The experience and training of the Community Based Service mentor greatly enhances

the opportunity for success and the juvenile endeavors to take their rightful place in the